Sensible Solutions

A team of experienced specialty transcriptionists on call for you, transcribing the dictated narrative note and inserting it into the field you prefer in the Electronic Health Record.

  • EXCEPTIONAL, personal, and friendly customer service
  • 20 years experience in multiple medical specialties
  • Flat per line price includes secure server, support, document storage
  • Maximum 24 hour turnaround time
  • Integration of your narrative notes into Electronic Health Records

Featured Services

Beyond The Box

We believe in delivering innovative strategies which allow flexibility and freedom.  Dictate from your iPad, iPhone and Android.  The audio transfer is immediate.  All methods of dictation and use of our server are free for clients.

Our Client Strategy

We offer you the latest in technology in order to meet HITECH and Meaningful Use guidelines without impacting the quality or quantity of patient encounters.

Forward Thinking

Tell us every patient's unique and detailed story.  We have married technology with the integrity of the medical narrative, giving you time to do what you do best - treat patients.